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Production machinery comes in a variety of forms with each manufacturer having their own idea of what it needs as a controller. In any plant there will be diverse control platforms operating well, but in isolation from each other. Each one holds data about its own part of the process, information that is valuable for predicting maintenance requirements, reducing the risk of unplanned shutdowns, and is probably used in management reports.

Open technology is the key in the ignition, drive your data to where it can be used to best advantage.

Op-tec stands for open technology, which we use wherever possible to capture data from control and automation equipment and platforms. Use of modern, open protocols avoids tying you to any single supplier. We’ve used the principle in applications from sub-sea through manufacturing plant and into space. It is adaptable, reliable, and maintainable.

Process requirements may change leaving a legacy of un-necessary software still running and consuming resources.

The data network in a manufacturing environment is hardly ever installed with future expansion in mind and as more traffic is added speed suffers. We can reduce the burden by removing the ‘chaff’ in a control program so that better performance can be obtained with zero capital expenditure.

Identify operating behavioural patterns leading up to a critical failure and so prevent recurrence.

“It just stopped” is not what any production manager wants to hear. We can gather and historise operational data so that characteristics preceding a failure may be recognised in future reducing unplanned shutdowns and associated downtime.

Automate the population of management reports.

Having staff take readings from displays on the production line and manually transferring them into reports is time-consuming and often creates errors. We map process data to the correct fields in management reports instantly and accurately.

Saving so much time and energy at work means you can go to the gym on the way home!

But it’s not compulsory.