10 Ways to Reduce Costs and Increase Production

Whether you're preparing to invest or want more from your existing systems. A comprehensive automation strategy is the only way to align your technology with business objectives. Find out how you're doing against best practice and what to prioritise next.

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Independent Control and Automation Consultants

High performance technology. Efficient use of capital. You in control.

Op-tec Systems' core services focus on the following technologies:

  • Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC)
  • Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems
  • Distributed Control Systems (DCS)
  • Process historians

We adopt a whole life cycle approach. With particular expertise for integrating legacy systems with modern equipment and solutions. So plant and factory data can be easily accessed for further analysis and improvements.

Our proactive maintenance plans aim to lessen, rather than increase, your reliance on us over time. By developing custom procedures specific to your technology and process we train and equip your staff to manage your systems in-house.

A breakdown of our most common services:

  • Front-End Engineering Design (FEED) studies
  • Technical consultancy/product specification
  • System architecture design and specification
  • Financial forecasting/return of investment projections
  • Project management
  • Cyber security
  • System integration and industrial communications
  • Hardware and software development
  • Validation, Testing, Site Commissioning and Installation
  • Service Level Agreements

We are vendor independent.

Our client base comprises a wide variety of industries, including: power generation, chemicals, food, oil & gas and textiles.


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Featured Services

Intelligence Report™

High-level review of your current situation and an automation strategy capable of delivering the results you're after.

Business Case Analysis

Creation, evaluation and comparison of business cases for process improvement and technology investment

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Are you talking about Industry 4.0?


Longer answer: your specific requirements and current technology determine the solution we will offer. Almost everything we work with could be termed 'Industry 4.0'. To learn more about Industry 4.0, and the distinction between this term and the 'forth industrial revolution' Wikipedia's definition is a good place to start.

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Is this anything to do with digital transformation?

Everything! We specialise in moving companies to being 'data-driven' enterprises. Unless you're still faxing purchase orders you'll be some way towards this goal already. But chances are you could do more to gather and use data to make better decisions in real-time.

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How are you different?

As an independent service provider, it's not in our interest to sell you expensive hardware or software. We measure success on your business performance. By recommending the most cost-effective method for achieving your goals we ensure you get the best return on investment possible.

Many potential clients we speak to think investing in Industry 4.0 technology requires huge capital investment, in fact nothing could be further from the truth. It is possible to retro-fit sensors to existing equipment and the return on investment of doing so can be huge.

Op-tec is well-known for supporting legacy systems and we always try to utilise as much of your existing technology as possible. Extending the life of equipment makes economic and environmental sense, so we will always recommend doing so if it's a viable option.

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Generating a Digital Benchmark Report™ is a good first step. You won't be added to a mailing list and no one will call "following up". It's a tool we use with clients to help guage how effectively they're implementing their automation strategy. There's no additional cost to us for making it available to anyone and we believe the best way for new clients to get to know us is by doing some work for them.

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