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Whether you're preparing to invest in automation and digitisation, or looking to get more from your existing systems, having a comprehensive automation strategy is the only way to align your technology with your long-term business strategy, maximising ROI.

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Take control of your business in 4 easy steps

The chances are you're currently in somewhere on the journey below. In each case we provide tools and services to guide and support you, ensuring you finish with the best solution to deliver your objectives.

1. Get clear on your objectives

You need absolute clarity on the benefits automation will bring to your business so you can set meaningful objectives. Do not make the mistake of basing your understanding of what's possible on your current technology or your current level of knowledge.

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2. Develop a strategy

You have clear objectives but don't trust technology vendors to recommend solutions which will deliver these in the most efficient way. Having a comprehensive automation strategy in place is the only way to effectively target investment to get maximum return.

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3. Prioritise and cost

With an effective automation strategy in place you'll want to identify all potential interventions, prioritise and fully cost them. Our Intelligence Report™ does this and provides business cases for each of our recommendations.

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4. Implement and measure success

You've decided on and justified your investment, but need implementation assistance. Through our Proactive Maintenance System we deliver your automation strategy, reporting performance against your business objectives.

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Who are Op-tec Systems?

Engineers focused on ensuring you get what you need from your automation technology.

Since 1996 Op-tec has offered independent support to owners of process control and industrial automation technology. Richard took on the company in 2016 and put more focus on developing, then implementing, automation strategies for our clients.

This approach gives you complete control by providing the information needed to measure the real economic benefits technology is delivering to your business. Combined with expertise gained in the process industries: utilising existing equipment and making incremental improvements; it equips us perfectly to help you invest in technology while minimising impact to operations.

Portrait of Richard Banyard

"So many UK manufacturers are 'making do' right now, working harder rather than smarter to keep up with the trends driving profit margins down. Large capital projects are risky and cause disruption, especially for organisations unfamiliar with automation technology. Fortunately there's a better way..."
Richard Banyard   Managing Director

Our expertise in providing an alternative to proprietary systems is proving more valuable than ever. As your operational and business systems become more integrated, keeping ownership and making best use of the valuable data your plant produces is more important than ever.

Don't just take our word for it

Here's what a small selection of our clients have to say:

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"DENSO have been using Op-tec Systems for over 16 years now, for projects of varying size and complexity. Op-tec falls into that small niche market of being able to integrate 'Information Technology' into 'Automation'. It is in this aspect where I have found Op-tec Systems to be second to none"
Simon Warner   Software Engineer

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"For over 9 years Kimberly-Clark's Barrow Mill has used Op-tec for training, project work and service support. They've allowed us to continue using our legacy RS3 DCS, delaying significant capital investment. Op-tec have always provided a high-quality, reliable service and are quick to respond. Having their expertise on-demand allows us to focus on other activities, knowing our control system is in safe hands"
Jamie Mattimore   Electrical Engineer

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"Op-tec has assisted Perenco in the supply of engineers with specific project deliverables, which they always achieved ahead of schedule and within budget. Their staff were dedicated, well thought of within Perenco and were often requested to return for extra project work and occasionally for Operational Support"
Allen Goodchild   Maximo Team Leader

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"During the 16 years in which Op-tec has worked on Veolia's sites, they have proved to be an outstanding and dependable performer, providing a first-class support package. We are confident in their expertise and abilities"
Keith Leonard   Technical and Performance Director


Are you talking about Industry 4.0?


Longer answer: your specific requirements and current technology determine the solution we will offer. Almost everything we work with could be termed 'Industry 4.0'. To learn more about Industry 4.0, and the distinction between this term and the 'forth industrial revolution' Wikipedia's definition is a good place to start.

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Is this anything to do with digital transformation?

Everything! We specialise in moving companies to being 'data-driven' enterprises. Unless you're still faxing purchase orders you'll be some way towards this goal already. But chances are you could do more to gather and use data to make better decisions in real-time.

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How are you different?

As an independent service provider, it's not in our interest to sell you expensive hardware or software. We measure success on your business performance. By recommending the most cost-effective method for achieving your goals we ensure you get the best return on investment possible.

Many potential clients we speak to think investing in Industry 4.0 technology requires huge capital investment, in fact nothing could be further from the truth. It is possible to retro-fit sensors to existing equipment and the return on investment of doing so can be huge.

Op-tec is well-known for supporting legacy systems and we always try to utilise as much of your existing technology as possible. Extending the life of equipment makes economic and environmental sense, so we will always recommend doing so if it's a viable option.

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Want to find out more about our approach before committing to anything?

Generating a Digital Benchmark Report™ is a good first step. You won't be added to a mailing list and no one will call "following up". It's a tool we use with clients to help guage how effectively they're implementing their automation strategy. There's no real cost to us making it available to anyone and we believe the best way for new clients to get to know us is by doing some work for them.

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