10 Ways to Increase Production and Reduce Costs Without Capital Expenditure

Would you find it easier to justify improvement projects if they could be delivered using internal resources and aligned with your company's existing strategy?

Generate your Digital Benchmark Report

Digital transformation projects typically involve considerable upfront costs - particularly when external consultants are involved. This is due to the belief it's all about implementing technology.

When focus is on delivering a technological solution costs are often justified as a means to an end. However the end result rarely delivers the promised return on investment. There's no shortage of industry reports describing the proportion of failed transformation projects if you need evidence of this.

Fortunately there's another way. The first step is to understand your company's current situation. Then, identify areas where projects will have the greatest impact. You can do this yourself with information you already have - no capital is needed to get started.

Before you ask: yes, we stand behind the statement at the top of this page. Companies who've implemented the recommendations in our report have seen improvements in productivity and efficiency even before spending anything on technology.

Want to make more for less?

Take 2 minutes to rate your business in 10 areas and generate a Digital Benchmark Report™. Get insights into your current performance compared with best practice, and recommended actions on how to improve in each area.

Generate your Digital Benchmark Report

Whether you're just starting to look at an investment in automation, or looking to get more from your existing technology, your bespoke Digital Benchmark Report™ will show you where you are in relation to best practice and what your next steps should be.

Automation suppliers, vendors and solutions providers want to sell you the products they've invested huge amounts in developing/getting familiar with, not the technology which best delivers your strategic objectives.

Maximise the return on investment your company sees from its industrial automation. Understand the areas where your current strategy may be falling short and allocate resources to where they'll have most effect.

It takes less than a minute to complete the questionnaire, and another minute for us to deliver a customised PDF report like the one below to your inbox.

Digital Benchmark Report

Why is this service free?

Our business is about helping companies increase their efficiency through better investment in technology, but we know our services won't be right for everyone. By making our expertise available to all we get to help a larger number of people, and know some will see our approach as a good fit with their objectives and want to take things further.

Who I am and why you should listen to what I say

I'm Richard Banyard, Managing Director of Op-tec Systems; a company experienced in helping organisations, big and small, maximise their returns from automation investment for well over two decades. My team and I gained our expertise working in the process industries, where technology must not only enable continuous improvement, but also meet onerous requirements and function in the harshest environments.

Don't just take my word for it

Here's what a small section of our clients have to say:

So don't put it off any longer. In the time it's taken you to read this far you could've generated a report telling you how your company's automation strategy compares to those leading your market and actions you can take to overtake them on the journey to operational excellence.

There's no secret to reducing costs and increasing efficiency. It's about using the principles of continuous improvement to identify savings then focusing resource on where they'll have the greatest impact. That said, simple things are often the hardest to get right, often because the how isn't as obvious as the why. Our Digital Benchmark Report™ gives you this - get it now.

Generate your Digital Benchmark Report

Richard Banyard

Take control of your company's future. Get the information you need to develop and implement a digital strategy which delivers your objectives.
Richard Banyard
MD, Op-tec Systems