Trust us to deliver your automation strategy

Use us to provide Proactive Maintenance and your technology isn't just kept up to date. It's continually improved to deliver the best results for your business.

You set objectives based on your business goals. We develop a plan to achieve them and write the necessary commitments into a Service Level Agreement, then deliver on them.

Is it for you?

Want to give us responsibility for delivering your automation strategy and ensuring it delivers the results promised?

The Op-tec Proactive Maintenance System makes us responsible for delivering your automation strategy and associated business objectives.

What will it do for you?

Control and automation expertise on-hand whenever you need it. Continual improvement of systems to keep then aligned with your company's strategy and achieve regularly reviewed targets for performance and availability.

What do you get?

The lot!

Initial and regular meetings where we review your automation strategy, check alignment with business objectives then agree objectives and KPIs for the next period. Routine visits from us to ensure system health is maintained and the configuration is up to date with plant configuration and delivering the necessary information to everyone who needs it. Disaster recovery and cyber security are handled by us, leaving you with the task of setting abigious goals for your operations knowing we will ensure your technology supports your workforce at every stage.

How to get started?

You'll only qualify for this service if you have an automation strategy in place. This doesn't have to be a formal document, but you must know what objectives you want our work to achieve.

After taking you through the Strategic Action Formula process or confirming our services fit with your existing strategy we'll put in place a service level agreement to deliver your objectives. Depending on your requirements this may include: engineer call-out within a specified timeframe, periodic maintenance visits, scheduled update and improvement works, guaranteed system availability, and anything to address your specific needs.

Important note: this service is not suitable for most companies. While working with us in this way you'll not only be encouraged - but expected - to invest in your people, processes and technology to ensure all are capable of supporting the improvements we'll be making. If your company's culture is to: pay lip service to or resist change, make decisions based on cost rather than return, delay or avoid investment when possible; DO NOT waste your time or ours by getting in touch.

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