Engineers focused on ensuring you get what you need from your automation technology.

Since 1996 Op-tec has offered independent support to owners of process control and industrial automation technology. Richard took on the company in 2016 and put more focus on developing, then implementing, automation strategies for our clients.

This approach gives you complete control by providing the information needed to measure the real economic benefits technology is delivering to your business. Combined with expertise gained in the process industries: utilising existing equipment and making incremental improvements; it equips us perfectly to help you invest in technology while minimising impact to operations.

Portrait of Richard Banyard

"So many UK manufacturers are 'making do' right now, working harder rather than smarter to keep up with the trends driving profit margins down. Large capital projects are risky and cause disruption, especially for organisations unfamiliar with automation technology. Fortunately there's a better way..."
Richard Banyard   Managing Director

Our expertise in providing an alternative to proprietary systems is proving more valuable than ever. As your operational and business systems become more integrated, keeping ownership and making best use of the valuable data your plant produces is more important than ever.

We aim to put you in control of your business.

Presenting the right people with the right information at the right time means better, data-driven, decisions are made.

Your company's technology should support it's business objectives.

Roger Halliwell

"We're not just a technology company, we believe in standing in your shoes and understanding your business from your side of the table. We’re not here to sell you products, we’re here to help you make the right choices and investments that will make your company stronger and better equipped to deal with the world of today"
Roger Halliwell   Business Development Manager

Peter Jackson

"Everyone at Op-tec does the right thing for the right reason"
Peter Jackson   Control Systems Engineer

Richard Banyard

"Your needs direct our recommendations. We favour products based on open standards, meaning you won't be tied to a particular vendor or 'platform' and future support will be available from a number of suppliers"
Richard Banyard   Managing Director

Why us?

Control specialists

Our engineers bring a depth of application experience, having implemented advanced control and batch solutions across a wide range of industries.
Op-tec resources projects according to your needs not our scheduling constraints.

Effective technology

We believe the way to make industrial programmable systems secure, efficient, and maintainable; is robust design and effective matching of technologies.
The Op-tec approach reduces complexity through use of open standards.

Established 1996

An independent provider of control and data acquisition solutions for the process and manufacturing industries for over 20 years.
Proven track record delivering projects and supporting customers with both modern and legacy control systems.

Industry experience

Op-tec Systems' engineers have a wealth of experience across a range of industries.
The company has worked for clients in:

  •   Oil & gas
  •   Pulp & paper
  •   Chemicals
  •   Manufacturing
  •   Pharmaceuticals
  •   Power generation
  •   Food & beverage

Professional standards

All Op-tec consultants and engineers are registered members of professional engineering institutions and are given time to undertake continuous professional development activities during their working hours.

If a solution we cannot provide would better meet your requirements we will always be honest and recommend the alternative. It is our intention to build long-term trusted relationships based on our expertise and integrity.

We hold ISO 9001:2015 certification and are audited by BSI, meaning our quality management system is compliant with the latest standard and we are committed to demonstrating ongoing improvement in the way we conduct our operations.