Owner/operator of an industrial process?

Being pushed to increase profitability with the CAPEX budget off limits?

Over time we've sadly grown familiar with seeing control systems in less than good health:

  • Functionality removed due to hardware failures in the field
  • Operators feedback on issues and feature requests ignored
  • Modern systems with legacy 'look and feel'
  • Standalone, rather than integrated, solutions

In every case significant investment in technology is going to waste. Control and data acquisition systems are not a fit and forget solution, as the business changes so does what it needs from it's technology.

Every person in Op-tec is passionate to see you get more from your technology, whether that is a 20 year old DCS or an intelligent sensor to be connected into a cloud-based data analysis package.

Passionate about Open Technology

Your needs direct our recommendations. Where possible, we favour products based on open standards, meaning you won't be tied to a particular 'platform' and support will be available from a number of suppliers.

Working with Op-tec

So what should you expect from working with us?

We measure success against whether you have achieved the outcome you are looking for; be it reduced downtime, adding a capability to your plant with new technology, or something else.

We see the way to exceeding customer expectations is to ensure the desired benefits of a project are clearly defined at the outset, and achieved before work is declared complete.

Since it's foundation, Op-tec Systems has set out to provide cost-efficient solutions. Delivering with attention to detail, consideration to the suitability and longevity of the resulting system, and ease of maintenance/upgrade at a later date.

Working with us - you're in control

Professional Standards

We've come a long way in the last 20 years, building a portfolio of successful projects and satisfied customers. However during this time certain things have not, and will never change.

Our project teams take pride in delivering concise and accurate solutions, be it hardware, software, documentation or training.

If a solution we cannot provide would better meet your requirements we will always be honest and recommend the alternative. It is our intention to build long-term trusted relationships based on our expertise and integrity.

All Op-tec consultants and engineers are registered members of professional engineering institutions and are given time to undertake continuous professional development activities during their working hours.

We hold ISO 9001:2015 certification, meaning our quality management system is compliant with the latest standard and we have committed to demonstrating ongoing improvement in the way we conduct our operations. To ensure we work to the highest standards, we will always use a UKAS accredited auditor.

Offshore flare

Career Opportunities

Op-tec's engineers experience the full lifecycle of control and information management systems development from feasibility studies, through detailed system design and engineering, to on-site commissioning and on-going service.

We are always looking for motivated and talented individuals to work with. If you feel you would thrive in a dynamic small company environment, please email a CV and covering letter to: