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Intelligence Report™

High-level review of your current situation and an automation strategy capable of delivering the results you're after.

Business Case Analysis

Creation, evaluation and comparison of business cases for process improvement and technology investment


Business Investment Road Mapping

Prioritise and plan improvements to deliver the maximum return on investment


Value Analysis

Identify areas in your business with the most potential to deliver value from improvement projects


Technology Consultancy

Identify the most appropriate technology for meeting the demands of your business


Lifecycle Documentation

Empower and enable your people to support, maintain and improve the technology you rely on


Reverse Engineering

Break your dependence on the original equipment manufacturer and bring system knowledge in-house


Business Continuity & Risk Assessments

Focus on proactive improvements, while we work to reduce the occurence and severity of events requiring reactive intervention


Project Delivery

Let your skilled people concentrate on what's important, rather than managing contractors. Give us responsibility for project outcomes


Service Support

Reduce maintenance spend while ensuring systems remain properly maintained, documented, backed up, and that a disaster recovery process is in place

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Developing an Automation Strategy
Take control of your business in 4 easy steps

Chances are you're currently in somewhere on the journey below. In each case we provide tools and services to guide and support you, ensuring you finish with the best solution to deliver your objectives.

1. Get clear on your objectives

You need absolute clarity on the benefits automation will bring to your business so you can set meaningful objectives. Do not make the mistake of basing your understanding of what's possible on your current technology or your current level of knowledge.

Get some inspiration:

2. Develop a strategy

You have clear objectives but don't trust technology vendors to recommend solutions which will deliver these in the most efficient way. Having a comprehensive automation strategy in place is the only way to effectively target investment to get maximum return.

Generate your free bespoke guide in under 2 minutes:

3. Prioritise and cost

With an effective automation strategy in place you'll want to identify all potential interventions, prioritise and fully cost them. Our Intelligence Report™ does this and provides business cases for each of our recommendations.

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4. Implement and measure success

You've decided on and justified your investment, but need implementation assistance. Through our Proactive Maintenance System we deliver your automation strategy, reporting performance against your business objectives.

Let us deliver your strategy:

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