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Ignition by Inductive Automation®

A SCADA system is often the solution requested by companies looking to integrate existing equipment, centralise control and data acquisition, and provide plant information to people in a variety of roles.

Inductive Automation specialise in SCADA products which incentivises them to support as many open protocols and standards as possible. As such Ignition is compatible with a large number of communication protocols, including the trusted IT standards such as SQL, Python, MQTT and OPC UA.

First released in 2003, Inductive Automation's Ignition platform has been proven in the most demanding and regulated industries.


  • Unlimited Licensing Model - Add unlimited clients, screens, tags, connections & devices.
  • Server-Centric Web-Deployment - Easily deploy at one or more sites or in the cloud.
  • Modular Configurability - Use integrated modules to build the exact industrial application you need.
  • Cross-Platform Compatibility - Ignition works with any major operating system, even iOS and Android.
  • Run Web-Clients on Desktop or Mobile - Launch runtime clients in any web browser with no plugin required.
  • Based on Open Technology Standards - Built on HTML5, SQL, Python, MQTT & OPC UA.
  • Instant Installs and Updates - Install on a server in just 3 minutes, push updates to clients everywhere, instantly.
  • One Universal Platform - Build SCADA, MES, IIoT, alarming, reporting applications and more.
  • Mission-Critical - Add fault tolerance for mission-critical systems by adding redundant servers.

"Ignition is trusted by some of the biggest industrial organisations in the world to run their mission-critical systems. With thousands of active Ignition deployments around the world, including installations with 54% of the Fortune 100 companies, Ignition is plant-floor proven and trusted by enterprises of all sizes to get the job done."

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The Practical & Proven Platform for Digital Transformation

Ignition uses native drivers and leverages open standards to support connections with any device, service, or database to create a streamlined data pipeline for IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) solutions. Offering features like mobile-responsive dashboards, alarm notifications, enterprise administration, and more — Ignition equips you to build the exact solution you need and deploy it to any screen. Ignition ties data and people together, and facilitates total enterprise integration.

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Ignition’s real-time monitoring gives you the power to quickly see your facility’s status on any device. Gone are the days of tracking your data with clipboards, whiteboards, and spreadsheets. Ignition enables you to build customisable digital dashboards showing real-time process information.

Op-tec Systems are a certified integrator for Ignition, so can offer the product with the full support of Inductive Automation.

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