Proficy Historian by GE Digital

GE's Proficy Historian is a fully-featured process historian with capabilities which match or exceed market leaders such as AVEVA's PI. While bundled "free" with GE's iFIX and Cimplicity SCADA products, Proficy Historian's Enterprise version is capable of handling up to 100 million data points. Data collectors are available for a wide variety of systems and communication protocols, while archived data is made available via a range of widely used Application Programming Interfaces.

This means you can use your preferred business intellignece, dashboarding or reporting tools to visualise time-series data stored in Proficy Historian. Alternatively, GE's own Operations Hub product, which sits above Proficy Historian, has some great capabilities - as demonstrated in the screenshots below, kindly produced by our partner Novotek.

GE Operations Hub Dashboard example 1

Above, time-series data is presented using the traditional trend display. Multiple data points can be plotted on a chart, with multiple charts displayed on a single screen. The table in the top-left allows users to filter the data to only show information related to specific items of equipment.

GE Operations Hub Dashboard example 2

Pareto displays can be used to highlight the most common faults to occur in a specified timeframe, and for specific equipment. This allows maintenance teams to prioritise interventions, addressing the faults responsible for most failures, or for the longest periods of downtime.

GE Operations Hub Dashboard example 3

Here a heatmap has been used to show the resource consumption of different plant areas compared with a target value. Again, the data can be interrogated using the interface in the top-left to filter the information by equipment or time period.

Op-tec Systems are a GE Service Provider, so can sell and support Proficy Historian with the full support of GE Digital.

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