Windows 7 end of life announcement

13 Dec 2019 - Richard

In case you've missed it, Microsoft support for Windows 7 and Server 2008 ends on 14th Jan 2020.

Here's the links to Microsoft's statements on the matter:



What the internet will tell you this means?
When you 'Google', IT industry websites will come up top and recommend you upgrade all machines as a matter of urgency.

What this actually means?
Assuming you're already keeping asset and risk registers up to date. Re-assess the risks of continuing to use these operating systems following 14th January, and make sure any additional mitigations needed are in place before then.

Still running Windows 7 in the office or on a machine directly connected to the internet?
Listen to the IT websites and upgrade ASAP.

Unsure or don't have a Cyber Security Management System in place?

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