Don't know where to start? Try the basics

Often in life, getting the simple things right is key to success. For example, when we're feeling overworked, overcommitted and overwhelmed it can be hard to prioritise things like:

- Eating well

- Being active

- Sleeping enough

But when we focus on and prioritise the basics it increases our resilience and allows us to put everything else into perspective.

The same is true for cyber security. One of the best ways to make your systems resilient to attack is to have comprehensive backups and a regularly tested incident response plan. Unlike high-tech solutions, these work every time, for all types of breach.

I know.... writing and testing procedures is not as exciting as buying new technology. But I assure you it's far more cost-effective, even if you pay someone else to manage the process for you. Your systems and organisation will be more resilient as a result, and less dependent on third parties.

Would you benefit from focusing more on the basics?

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