Hit that 'Save' button

We all fall short of this in some manner. I would love to take you down memory lane to bring your thought closer to the adverse effect of not saving your work. You remember the good old days when Microsoft Office applications were without the auto-save feature, right? Now say you are just about finishing a thirty-page masterpiece document, feeling happy with yourself, so you decide to step into the kitchen to heat some water and make a cuppa tea. Your three-year-old decides to innocently help you with typing and, in doing so, magically turns off your PC.

Now you step back in to finish your typing, and you are welcomed with a cute smile and a “Daddy/Mummy, I helped you finish the typing and turned off your PC”. I don’t know about most of you, but chains of thoughts would undoubtedly go through my mind. I will anxiously consider whether I should be happy with the gesture or sad because I may not have “Hit That Save Button”. Amongst my thought will be imagining trying to recreate my masterpiece to the standard it was or trying to imagine the cost of re-writing my masterpiece. A price which may range from forfeiting the planned time to spend with friends, go on a vacation, possible financial price or even as simple as forfeiting the cuppa tea you had planned to drink.

As we know, all that mishaps can be avoided by following the process of saving your work by hitting the save button. A process Microsoft has deemed fit to automate, Hoorah! Now our kids can break our PCs, right? Nah, I don’t think so too. Undoubtedly, Microsoft did a great job ensuring our work is saved automatically on their application. However, it is our sole responsibility to ensure our processes are in place to save our work locally and securely on an external storage medium.

Enough of my blabbing about Microsoft, let us bring it down to our niche. As an industrial staff, it is crucial to ensure you have processes in place to “Hit that Save button” for your firm. No, I am not just talking about a document-saving process, I am also talking about saving the “money-making” process. Every business has a process for making money. Be it by installing the latest “whizzy” tech to fast-track production or employing the “brightest” personnel. In trying to etch towards that juicy ROI you so deserve, the main question remains, “Have you taken time to ensure the cost you incur in installing super tech or hiring a great mind has a process to hit the save button automatically?”.

To answer this and more, you will most likely need a Digital Benchmark Analysis. The report will disclose those hidden weak spots in your money-making process and ensure that your technological and human work is automatically saved, just like our very own Microsoft Word.

Well, there are tons of Digital Benchmark analyzing software, at Op-tec Systems we have worked with most industries and understand the work and cost you put in. By doing so, we decided you should not incur more expenses as you seek your truth. Feel free to Generate Your Free Digital Benchmark Report and ensure that ROI is securely within your grasp.