Support available for ABB System 800xA

800xA is the world's leading* distributed control system (DCS). However its power and flexibility come with a cost. It's not known as the easiest system to work with - making it hard to find quality independent support, ensure updates and backups are managed correctly, and the configuration keeps pace with changes to plant and operations.

If you're looking for help with 800xA you may be experiencing one or more of these challenges:

Routine maintenance and updates
If left too long it can take days rather than minutes to recover from system failures or security incidents.

Changes and modifications
Out of date control systems aren't fit for purpose, leading people to work around, rather than benefit from them.

Integrating 3rd party equipment
Crucial to capture, store and analyse valuable process data but often seen as a nice to have, then never done.

Adding extra features and functions
Your sophisticated DCS isn't delivering the benefits promised thanks to constraints during the initial project. It now feels too hard or too expensive to add extra functions.

Op-tec's engineers have a wealth of experience working with 800xA and offer services which complement software support you may already be getting.

Get in touch if you'd like to learn more about how we can help reduce the cost of owning this incredibly powerful technology.

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* 800xA is the world's number one DCS based on global market share. This is based on annual reports by the ARC Advisory Group which for the last 20 years have found 800xA to be the most common DCS. ABB's history of acquisitions has gone a long way to securing this accolade. Many of these installations will have been originally supplied by one of the companies ABB has bought over the years:

Taylor founded 1851, acquired by Combustion Engineering in 1983
Bailey Controls founded 1916, became part of Elsag Bailey Process Automation in 1989
Combustion Engineering merger of Grieve Grate and American Stoker in 1912, acquired 1990
Fischer & Porter founded 1937, acquired by Elsag Bailey Process Automation in 1994
Elsag Bailey Process Automation merger of Bailey Controls and Elsag Group in 1989, acquired 1998
Alfa Laval Automation merger of SattControl and Alfa Laval in 1986, acquired 1998