Working in the power generation sector your focus is on making sure the plant is always ready to deliver power, be it to the grid or as an independent provider. It is essential critical components of your plant operate when required. This demands high levels of equipment reliability together with redundancy to achieve the overall plant availability needed.

Other factors important to your industry are plant safety, often involving complex safety shut down circuits integrated with process control systems to avoid damage to critical equipment and assets. Also, collecting and processing vast amounts of data both ensures your plant is running at optimised levels of efficiency and allows prediction of impending issues and breakdowns.

An increasing number of power plants are realising benefits in moving away from proprietary systems. Modern open technology matches or exceeds the capabilities of the established integrated platforms and are more cost-effective and flexible. This complements a focus on reliability, availability and efficiency, while accommodating changes in the way energy is generated, stored and consumed.

Industry challenges and drivers

The power generation industry is highly competitive and performance driven. Failure to provide power to the grid when requested incurs short-term penalties and longer-term demotion in status as a provider. The availability and reliability of critical infrastructure must be maintained to ensure the plant can provide power as and when required.

Contractual availability obligations mean maintenance periods are minimised where possible. For this reason predictive maintenance regimes are used to reduce the amount of plant outages and shutdown periods for plant maintenance.

The industry is relatively conservative in terms of its adoption of new operational technology. With ll no doubt change when the benefits of these technologies are more widespread throughout the industry and competitive factors change the situation.

We have over 20 years experience installing, maintaining and upgrading open technology-based systems in the power generation industry. We understand the need to finely balance plant, continually optimise energy consumption and accurately predict equipment failures.

Putting you in control

At Op-tec Systems we aim to put our clients "in control". This means:
Comprehensive and accurate documentation, to satisfy regulators and provide you with records of your plant's configuration you can trust.
Working to safety and security best practices, ensuring we exceed the needs of your processes and risk assessments.
Designs based on your needs, not ours. We're truly independent and favour open technology. We'll always leave you with ownership of software we develop on your behalf, and where possible with non-propriatary, future-proof technology.

For the power generation industry

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