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Programmable Logic Controllers are the workhorses of modern manufacturing. They are relatively cheap, incredibly reliable, and capable of running continuously without fault for decades. However as technology has advanced the humble PLC's role has expanded to include much more than just simple control operations. PLCs are now used collect and analyse diagnostic and quality data, interface with a wide variety of equipment and systems, and ensure the safety of workers. With so much reliance on these devices it can be anything from mildly annoying to utterly soul-destroying when you experience problems.

Which of these 4 activities do you need help with?

If you're struggling with one or more, you'll benefit from an 'automation reboot' session. 30 minutes with an experienced engineer who will understand your issues then suggest ways to make these tasks more manageable.

  1. Routine maintenance. Lack of a validated backup and written recovery/restore procedure can mean it takes days rather than minutes to recover from system failures or security incidents.
  2. Changes and modifications. Out of date systems which aren't fit for purpose can be worse than having no automation at all. It leads to people work around, rather than benefit from, your expensive technology.
  3. Integrating equipment from different manufacturers. Crucial to centrally capture, store and analyse valuable plant data but often seen as a nice to have, then never done.
  4. Recovery from software corruption, hardware failure or power disruption. It's years since you last had to do this. Documentation (if it ever existed) is lost or out of date and you're running out of people in the company who remember how to do it.

You'll leave the call with clear actions you can take, not a recommendation to give us money. Arrange it now:

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