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Support for legacy Distributed Control Systems

Proprietary Distributed Control Systems are incredibly reliable, capable of running plants consistently for decades. However this performance comes with a cost. Original Equipment Manufacturers often charge huge sums to modify, service or upgrade your system. Putting these jobs off for too long will set you up for an expensive rip and replace project. These are risky and can cause significant disruption - particularly if your workforce is resistant to change after years of ignoring problems and making do.

Which of these 4 activities do you need help with?

If you're struggling with one or more, you'll benefit from an 'automation reboot' session. 30 minutes with an experienced engineer who will understand your issues then suggest ways to make these tasks more manageable.

  1. Routine maintenance and updates. If these are left too long it can take days rather than minutes to recover from system failures or security incidents.
  2. Changes and modifications. Out of date control systems aren't fit for purpose, leading people to work around, rather than benefit from them.
  3. Integrating 3rd party equipment. Crucial to capture, store and analyse valuable process data but often seen as a nice to have, then never done.
  4. Adding extra features. Your sophisticated DCS isn't delivering the benefits promised thanks to constraints during the initial project. It now feels too hard or too expensive to add extra functions.

You'll leave the call with clear actions you can take, not a recommendation to give us money. Arrange it now:

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Richard Banyard

"I'm a passionate control systems engineer experienced in saving companies like yours from exactly these problems. My team and I specialise in returning DCSs from being a drain on resources to an effective tool for improving business performance. Choose a time to speak with us and take the opportunity to reboot."
Richard Banyard   Managing Director

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