Collaboration with Robosoft

06 Sep 2017 - Projects

Op-tec has, and always will be, an independent service supplier. Meaning we will always select the most appropriate technology based on your criteria for success, be that: cost, performance, reliability, or ease of integration.

In the course of working with suppliers, we endeavour to develop strong, lasting relationships. This benefits our customers, who rely on us to support their installations and recommend the best solutions - only possible with our established links to product manufacturers.

Industry 4.0

Earlier this year Robosoft become our latest collaborative partner. Robosoft's philosophy as well as it's data acquisition, reporting and mobile SCADA products fit well with Op-tec's outlook and expertise. Together Robosoft and Op-tec are able to provide a comprehensive solution for data collection, archive, analysis and visualisation which can be truly customised to your needs.

We can assist you in developing your strategy for embracing the opportunities Industry 4.0 provides:

  • Asset optimisation
  • Wireless communication and networks
  • Deployment of intelligent robots and machines
  • 'Big data' analysis
Op-tec Robosoft collaboration Industry 4.0 solutions

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